CMBD | Raw


As the new global leader in denim, we are separating ourselves by showing our versatility in fashion and quality ensuring longevity for your whereabouts in our denim. We encourage sharing of stories and candid images of thought provoking memories created because of a personal touch to every different pair. CHARLES MILLER BRAND DENIM, birthed from the desire of having a great pair of denim that fit, had the perfect break on the days' chosen footwear, and matched with the classic t-shirt. After a short-lived t-shirt escapade and traveling all over the globe for the military, the traveling professional was born and the chosen accessory of denim was crafted. 

Our denim is for the diversity of professionals who live and grind in their denim, the ones who think outside the box, the innovators, the people who think of failures as opportunities. The traveling professional is not afraid of taking risk and one who loves denim and wears it every day creating a bond and history with it. Hashtags and tagged friends in various locations are the journey of your denim.

Denim is revolutionary. Fashion is never-ending and garments like denim are re-lived over and over. We find it interesting how denim can take many shapes and it is now being admired more and more in high-end fashion. The potential is limitless and as long as there are denim enthusiasts, there will be denim lovers who will wear their denim for years and are not afraid to pay for the experience. Once a relationship is made with denim, the feeling is irreplaceable. The influence behind our brand is passion and drive for success; diversity of life in denim. 

We live in the raw state of life, just like our denim. Its in the raw state that character is built and life is shaped or broken into. The destination is important, but the value comes from the journey of the travels. We've lived life being flexible in the different positions or opportunities that we've had the pleasure of experiencing. In this journey, first impressions don’t have second chances and personality speaks 1000 words at first glance. Fashion is evolving and with that, character is developed and expressed. It gives the individual reason to personalize their denim to their business and journey. Your denim has a running history of where you have been and what you do in your denim. The stories run on and on. 

Your everyday story has all of your senses associated with it and with that said, memories are made and those memories, if you are a traveler who enjoys the experience like we do, you’ll be reminded about those stories every time you where your denim. Discipline plays a factor too because if an individual decides to purchase raw denim, they will exercise that patience to watch their story develop in denim; also watching their story develop in life. The campaign for our first showcase at NYFW was “ Some live cautious, I live denim” We created this with the thought of understanding that there are different people in the world. We market and brand our denim to those who don’t casually look for opportunities to succeed, but those who go out and chase their dreams and are not afraid of getting down and dirty in their denim, for their denim, and for their life aspirations.

"Because if you don’t know where you’re at, you’ll never know where you’re going. You’re unstable. Our brand promotes flexibility and preparedness ensuring first impressions are memorable and professionally presentable unique to the individuals personality and style. If you don’t care about fashion, style, or your journey in life, and knowing that how you dress can dictate that, you’re not living to your full potential".

-Charles Miller, Founder and Designer of CHARLES MILLER BRAND DENIM, 2014