CMBD | Raw



WHO WE ARE | “We defy expectations and we know we're more than just denim.”

CMBD is a denim line fashioned in Washington, DC and crafted in Los Angeles. 

Charles Miller Brand Denim is the premier next generation global presenter of denim and accessories. The brand executes based on the idea that dreams are fulfilled because you are always working towards them and work best, well,  in your favorite pair of jeans. When goals are accomplished, it’s because you crossed off the steps you took.Our denim works when you work. We match your passion and accessorize your lifestyle. In its raw form, our 12.5 oz. to 14 oz. selvedge will develop a history worthy of note at each wear. Crafted in Los Angeles; fitted for the traveling professional. For every journey, we bring you to your destination. 



Our brand believes that all journeys have secret destinations, many of which the traveler is unaware.” The beauty of any journey encourages us to stretch and grow. Originally crafted for men as the consumer, the brand has expanded with female bodies wearing the same available fits for a more authentic approach to fashion and genderless clothing. We believe that the navigation of your journey, no matter who you are, heeds the character built from lessons learned and stories made -  while in a perfect fit.